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Digital marketing is a marketing process that is served through digital platforms or electronic platforms such as mobiles, computers, tablets, billboards, or other devices.

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Nowadays we cannot think of running a business be it small or big without a digital presence. From the time we wake up in the morning to the time we go to bed at night, digital devices surround us. Age doesn't matter, from children to old people we are addicted to digital media.

" And here is the opportunity for digital marketers, how, in what ways, and how frequently the advertisement of products or services can be brought in front of this huge audience. "

We are an experienced and hardworking team who do this job perfectly.

We have divided digital marketing into 3 categories:

We set marketing strategy based on your needs and budget.

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We follow these 7 steps for Digital Marketing:

First: It's a must to know to us about your business, business goal, target audience, business area, competitors, eCommerce or not, etc. These things are very important to make a successful Digital Marketing strategy to apply.

Second: Then important is Keyword Research. How are your competitors doing, which keywords do they apply, how much is their Social Media coverage, etc. And analyzing all factors has to make a list of Keywords for your business.

Third: If your website is full of content then needs some modifications and creates external links depending on selected keywords, mainly on Titles. It's called SEO optimization. Includes, Website speed optimization, and technical optimization (Image compression, ALT tag, etc).

Fourth: Have to list your website on as many listing sites, and create pages on all popular social media, most important Google My Business, and Facebook.

Fifth: Google very much likes regular updates and new content. So you must have a Blog to post related content if you want to improve your ranking quicker. Email blast is also effective for lead generation.

Sixth: To get more visitors and increase brand awareness we use google paid marketing like Search ads, Display ads, Video Ads, etc.

Seventh: Finally, to track conversion rate, retargeting, and website visitor behavior we use Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager, and for data visualization and reporting we use Google Data Studio and other tools to analyze more and make a new marketing strategy. I think these tools you can use when your website will go to the next level.

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